Friday, October 14, 2005

Sometimes, reading other people's blogs depresses me that there are days I don't even want to read them anymore. Others inspire me. You see something they have created and you get motivated to create as well.

I do realize that problems come and go, and some people vent through their blogs. I also know that it is my choice to read or not to read. I will choose NOT. I have removed some blogs from my list of daily reads, mostly from other knitters who write problems after problems, day after day after day. Enough!

I spent a wonderful 4 day weekend with a dear friend from high school whom I have not seen for 28 years! It was a long overdue reunion. About 4 years ago, we found each other and have been keeping in touch by email. It was around that time that she lost her 18 year old daughter to a car accident. I know Janet is still grieving but you know what? She chooses not to wallow in grief and depression. There you go, CHOICE. She faces each day with wonderment and brings joy to others around her. She knows that she will see her daughter, Jaymie, again, when it is her time to go and she looks forward to that. I am happy to say that we share the same belief.

I also taught her to knit! She went home to Palm Springs with needles and yarns and has since finished a scarf. WE have created a blog for Jaymie and I have started to design a scarf which we will call "Forever Jaymie". Profit from the sale of this scarf will be donated to the Umbrella ministries (for grieving parents who have lost a child). I can't wait to finish it.

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