Friday, October 28, 2005


Totally unrelated to knitting (although I knitted while I watched his movie)... We rented "Kingdom of Heaven". I didn't expect to like it since it is 2 hours long and because I have a short attention span. But I loved it. My husband couldn't figure out who the main actor was. Orlando Bloom! I fell in love with him (who didn't) as Legolas, totally hot elf, in Lord of the Rings. Hubby says he's unrecognizable as Lord Belian in this movie. The movie was very riveting, rather gory, and had unexpected turns that kept you guessing.

This weekend is the Open House at Yolo Wool Mill in Woodland, CA. 10 am - 4 pm, with a barbeque at 1 pm. I will pick up some of the wool I had spun at the mill. I can't keep up with my growing stash and can't hand spin them up by myself. Looking forward to it.

I was able to put together a whole afghan for Warm Up America, measuring 46" by 63" . I do believe I have a career in doing this. Add to that the 2 more lapghans I put together for the guild. Whew!

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