Monday, August 01, 2005

It's about time...

...we had our own yarn store in Elk Grove.

Knitique is located in the Williamson shopping center on Elk Grove Blvd in Elk Grove, CA.

Just check out the yarns inside:

The store is wonderfully hip, with lime green and fuschia walls, and huge soft and pink couch and chairs just inside the store, beside the huge windows. It just invites you to come in, bring your knitting and sit and chat. They also have a little play area for kids, in the back. But my kids are drawn to the pink sofa.

I say hip but it not only draws the younger crowd but the mature knitter as well. The owner, Danielle, and the other people who work there (I've met Teresa and Nancy) will make you want to stay. Talk about friendliness and helpfulness. Thanks, Danielle, for letting me take pictures.

More next time... a visit to other LYS in the Sacramento area.

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