Friday, August 19, 2005

I have been lazy and have not blogged for a while.

I have been knitting like crazy, samples of my patterns for Artyarns.

Joel and I took the kids to Six Flags/Marine World and had a ton of fun. Even my hard to please teenager said she couldn't believe she had fun with her family, he, he.

The CA State Fair is on but we haven't gone there yet.

West Nile Virus is at epidemic proportions here and still, they haven't finished spraying because of the windy weather. One good thing is that it has been a lot cooler lately.

I went crazy and dyed some more spinning fiber. It's a lot of work but you're rewarded in the end when you hang up the colorful fibers to dry. My backyard is rainbow colored.

I need to finish knitting these samples.

I have to visit Knitique and finalize the crochet class I'm teaching this fall.

arghhh... I have oral surgery on Tuesday. Now, why in the world did I think of this one. I am really really trying to forget it.

hopefully, some pictures for next time.

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