Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Nandia Cashmere

If you're thinking of buying from Nandia Cashmere, DON'T. Heed my advice. The yarn price might be tempting but the aggravation is not worth it. I bought from then on their Ebay store before a whole load of negatives were posted. I thought it wouldn't happen to me but it did. I paid promptly on 2/21; she shipped on 3/19. In the meantime, I sent a lot of emails, made a phone call, notified Ebay and Paypal, even emailed the designer, Jackie E-S. I got NO response from Nandia at all. Won't reply to emails. I think the Paypal dispute and emailing Jackie helped.

I received my package but, as part of the kit, the shawl pattern was a black and white photocopy of the original. I notified Jackie E-S immediately and she's now taking steps. Definitely illegal on Nandia's part.

Alison gave me a very good advice. Be careful when I leave my feedback. Nandia retaliates by giving you a negative feedback if you give them a negative one. One of their feedbacks read: "I will withdraw my negative if you withdraw yours!" What the heck?!

I doesn't matter if you paid on time. Nandia will call you impatient if you can't wait 5-8 weeks for your package to arrive. One buyer comment states that they also cheat on the yardage, stating 800 yards but only gives you 600 yards. What the heck?!

I have 100% positive rating. Do I want to jeopardize that by leaving Nandia another measly negative when they have so many already? I know I will get one even though I don't deserve it. But I have to let others know. AHA! That's why I'm doing it on my blog.

Here you go: READ Nandia's feedback rating on Ebay HERE. You be the judge. Buyer beware!

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