Friday, March 18, 2005

Kids Knitting

My 4 yo daughter,Emily, saw her friend, Gracie, knitting. A few days later, while at Joann's Fabrics, she saw the same 2 color bunny needles (Lion Brand) and commented that those are Gracie's needles! A few more days later, Emily says that she wants the same needles and she wants to learn to knit too, like Gracie (who's about 5 or 6, I think?).

Of course, I had to buy 2 pairs, the other for Matthew, my 8 yo son, who has also shown some interest. He's more of a spinner, who likes to experiment with my wheel. Plus, I don't want a fight on my hands over a pair of needles--lol!

With the short attention span that most kids have, Emily preferred to just hold on and admire these cute bunny needles. Matthew, however, caught on really fast! Being a continental knitter, it took me a while to teach him the English way. By the way, he's also left-handed, he, he.

One night, Emily sat on my lap and said,"Mom, I want to knit!". Well, so, now, she's done a small 3x3 garter stitch square. Matthew is on his way to a garter stitch scarf. Simply amazing!

Next time we see Gracie, I'll bring my camera and take a picture of the 3 of them knitting. And maybe, she'll teach us her little knitting poem as well.

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