Friday, February 11, 2005

Two-day Shawl

This is the picture of the unblocked shawl that I finished in 2 days. My dear friend, Darlene Hayes, of Hand Jive Knits has requested me to knit a lace shawl for her to be worn in the fashion show at Stitches West 2005 in Santa Clara. And, we had 6 days to get it finished. She gave it to me on Thursday afternoon, to be picked up on Wednesday.

I had doubts that I will finish in time but according to Darlene, she can also use it for display in her booth in its unfinished state. Well, so, okay.

Sunday morning, after knitting 75% of the shawl, I realized that there was a huge mistake and there is no way I can rip it back because I did NOT use a lifeline. You see, I'm also testing the pattern. I just about died.

I had to start over, from the beginning. With total acceptance of my impending doom, I started over, Sunday morning.

Well, I finished the shawl on Tuesday morning. I really did. I now know I'm capable of finishing big projects if I put my mind to it. Suffice to say, I impressed my dear friend, got generously paid for my efforts, and sent Darlene happily along to her long drive to Santa Clara.

woo hooo!

I'm heading to Stitches West tomorrow.

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