Monday, February 21, 2005

Here are my replies to my 2 day shawl entry:

Kimberly: I do agree with you. I would be crying too, having had to start over. But I didn't have time to cry--lol! I'd be wasting a few precious hours, he, he.

The yarn used was fingering weight Gems Merino yarn that Handjive Knits sells. She dyes them using natural plant dyes. The color used for the bottom of the shawl was a mishap color which worked out pretty well for the end product.

And, thank you also, Vera and Rebecca, for the other comments. This is not something I normally do, finish something big in 2 days' time. I usually take my time and savor the experience . That's a nicer way of saying,I'm a procrastinator. I have the startitis syndrome. I also suffer from Second Sock Syndrome.

I needed a week to recover from Stitches West. I found myself buying spinning fiber like cashmere and a lot less yarn. I have never spun cashmere before and wanted to experience it. Qiviut was another fiber I wanted to try but wayyy to expensive for my budget (what budget??).

It was a wonderful experience , as usual, and wished I could have stayed for another day and wished I had more money to spend, he, he.

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