Thursday, December 16, 2004

I'm done with scarves! Finally! Final count is 36 eyelash scarves just this month. Dani made a valid comment-- knitting by request can suck the fun out of it--lol! The good thing is I got paid for them, enough to buy more yarns or deposit into my kids' college fund.

I've got some pics from my last visit to West Valley Alpacas:

These alpacas were so gentle and shy that even my kids were able to pet them.

Here are some of the yarns they offer and the beautiful diplays up on top.

The blue and gold socks are mine, prominently displayed. Pat Meade, the owner, called me a local Sacramento designer. I was able to answer some questions while I was there, not only on knitting but also on spinning.

Of course, I went home with yarns and some fiber.

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