Thursday, June 24, 2004


I found my high school classmates (or they found me?) and we've started a group in Yahoo.I have been so busy e-mailing them back and forth that I haven't had a chance to blog or read blogs. But no fail, I zoom in on Yarn girl's and Vera's, Yarn Tomato's, Marlo's, Cat's, Susan's, Chicknits and Keyboard Biologist's blogsites. I find myself reading more crochet blogs nowadays.

I've also dyed more rovings and yarns. I love experimenting with hand dyeing or kettle dyeing. I save those little plastic bottle applicators that hair dyes come in. Those are perfect for applying colors. I just have to remember to put on gloves.

I'm also pattern testing another sock pattern for Mary McCall. She's a genius at making charts! And finishing up some socks I have lying around. No matter what, I go back to socks. I can't make myself go back to the Sheep Shawl project that is almost finished. Just do the borders, Vicki, and you're done!

Was it Susan who was talking about a Poncho-Along? Well, I started one, from the site, using my own small skeins of handspun wool. We'll see how it turns out. Just too lazy to take pictures.

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