Tuesday, February 17, 2004

So, my dear friend, Teresa Simons, hands me this skein of recycled silk waste yarn from Nepal and tells me, "Crochet me a purse!".

"With one skein?". I ask.
"Yes!", she replies. "And write down the pattern."

I go home. An hour and a half later, including my kids' interruptions, I finish this purse. I like the way the crocheted fabric feels. Really tight. No linings needed. And I did it with only one skein. The purse was much smaller than the knitted one. Crocheting eats up a lot more yarn than knitting.

I'm designing this one for Mountain Shadow Ranch and will be available as a kit on Teresa's Ebay store here.

Now, to my dyeing experiment. Here's a handpainted skein of Kona superwash yarn which I have for sale on my own Ebay store here. I used chestnut acid dye. It turned out lovely. I have to dye some for me. Need to play with more colors.

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