Thursday, February 26, 2004

Finished 3 bags to be felted, 2 using Kureyon and 1 from my own handspun wool. I love this pattern from the Winter 03 issue of Knitters, called Pocketbook purse. The Kureyon bag only used 1 skein each, just for the body. The strap and button closures will use a coordinating color.

My lace knitting is on hold. I have 1 sock on the needles, Regia Ringel bought from Stitches West. I always have to have socks on the needle. Otherwise, I feel incomplete.

I was so disappointed yesterday. Tried to purchase the pattern for the Bottoms up felted hat from Chicknits. I had problems downloading the pattern. She couldn't email me the pattern directly, had to go through Payloadz, so she immediately issued a refund and a "sorry it didn't work for me " note and that's the end of it.

I would have found a way to get my pattern to my buyer, who really wanted the pattern really bad. Really.

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