Monday, December 27, 2010

Christina and Emily taken at the Christmas tree in Disneyland. We got a chance to pick up Christina from her dorm and take her around with us in LA/Anaheim. Poor girl hasn't eaten "real" food since she moved to LA. She's been living on Ramen and junk food. With no car to use, she walks everywhere.

Sunset view at Huntington Beach, the snobbiest and most unfriendly beach in CA. With nowhere to park, we had to park in between apartment houses near the beach. One guy stared us down as we trekked towards the water. Hey man, it's a public beach, ya know? I'll take the San Francisco beaches anytime.

Obligatory family picture in front of Disneyland. It was packed that day. We got to ride a whopping total of 6 rides. Spent most of the time lining up.

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