Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I am so inspired by people who show their handspun yarns. I myself have spun several skeins these past few days. I still have several bags of raw wool that I have to wash, card and spin. And some yarns to hand dye. I've been spending so much time on Facebook and it's addicting games. If I didn't, I'd have more time to do the other stuff. I've finished some shawls and currently knitting a shrug.

What in the world is a shrug and who invented it? It's a tiny little thing that covers your shoulders. That's it. You can't even call it a sweater since it doesn't have a front, or a back, or even sleeves. Does it even serve a purpose except to keep your shoulders warm. Why not just wear a sweater?

Speaking of sweaters, I found a real nice one at Kohls and it was on sale too. My kids don't like Kohls. I like Kohls. I find some real nice bargains there. I even like some of the styles.

I promise I will take some pics of the shawls I finished. I'm just too lazy. And there's Facebook.

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