Saturday, April 17, 2010

I think Sacramento is bypassing spring and going straight to summer. It's nice and warm here. I find myself hanging out more at the cemetery. It's funny because back home in the Philippines, people are scared of the cemetery. We're told stories of what goes on there at night, ghosts, and lots of scary stuff. Here in the US, cemeteries are so peaceful and quiet and hardly a soul around (pun intended).

This is the March dishcloth KAL from Kris Knits. It's so cute. I used Knitpicks organic cotton yarn.

This one is the Sunny Summer spa cloth from the latest issue of Creative Knitting magazine (May 2010). The holes scare me, I don't know why.

The rose bush above was planted by my mom a long time ago in our front yard. It blooms several times a year, non-stop. The white lilies (bottonm picture) is another story. You see, my mom had a green thumb. Everything she planted grew. These lilies were planted back in the late 90s, in our back yard, near this huge lemon tree. It came back year after year, no fail, but refused to flower.

Around Winter 2009, when my mom was sick, I dug them all out and transplanted them into the front yard. Some I put into pots but the rest, in the ground. My mom passed away this February and come April, the lilies started blooming. It had been a week and the blooms are still fresh as ever.

I've cut some of the roses and lilies and brought them to mom's grave. I know she would enjoy her flowers.

Come to think of it, two of the legacies she has passed down to me are the love of gardening and sewing. I might not be as good of a seamstress as she was but I can try and enjoy doing it.

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