Saturday, May 09, 2009

Ooh, I got bit by the Twilight bug. I've seen the movie a while ago. My daughter has all 4 books. I figured, why not read them. Of course, I started with the first one and finished it in one day. Could be because I already knew what was going to happen.

Next comes the second one, New Moon. I finished it by day 2. This one was my favorite. Very hard to put down. I fell in love with Edward.

Day three and I'm off to reading book three, Eclipse. I liked this one too but not as much as New Moon. Bella's being wishy-washy. Still madly, deeply in love with Edward, I am.

Book four, Breaking Dawn, and finished it by day 4. By this time, my teenage image of Edward and Bella is gone. I can't picture Rod Pattinson as Edward anymore. I don't know how they can make this into a movie with a PG13 rating. No way.

SO, off I went and saw the DVD again with a more critical eye.

I am so looking forward to watching New Moon when it comes out in Nov '09. I might go see it with my teenager.

As you can tell, I didn't get any knitting, cooking, sleeping or computer time done the past 4 days.

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