Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Modular Knitting

I bought the "Modular Knits" book recently from a local Barnes and Noble bookstore and here's one of the scarves I've knitted:

It's called the Sequined Sash. I didn't use any sequins in mine but I added some beads to the tassel by crocheting them in with the chains.

The pattern was easy to follow and I used only one skein of Gems Merino Pearl that I handpainted. There's only 175 yards in this skein.

There are several projects in this book that I want to do. The "Holes Scarf" took several tries and frogging before it finally clicked. I was able to do it in the end.

More pics of some Mitered designs I've done in the past (in review):

Mitered cardigan for my daughter Emily. My own design but not written down. I am re-knitting this one so I can write down the pattern. The sleeves are crocheted. Yarn used was the discontinued Mexican Wave yarn.

Mitered vest that I bought as a kit from some online store. The pattern was poorly written and had to be tweaked. This one used 2 skeins of Opal sock yarn (yes! only 2). Inspite of swatching, the vest came out too big for my frame.

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