Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Nandia, beads and knitting

I didn't expect to hear again from Nandia but Soyola (Nandia's owner) emailed me. She offered to refund the postage for my last purchase or give me a discount for the next one. I told her that all I want is the original of the Heartstring's pattern and a positive feedback on Ebay since I paid promptly. She said that she'll mail me the original and will leave positive feedback. It seems that she's trying to fix things, make them right, etc, etc. I also asked her to be fair to other buyers who paid promptly and waited 5-8 weeks for their packages by retracting her negative feedbacks on them. We'll see. No harm in asking.

On to more enjoyable stuff....

Beaded Ascot, pattern from Truly fun and easy to knit. The yarn is my own handdyed Gems Merino Pearl yarn, one skein.

Pattern from Swallowhill Creations in Canada. Very easy lace pattern with beads. I only added the beads to the bottom of the scarf and not around the neck portion.(..arghh, I can't see the beads. Will get better close-ups). Another handdyed Gems Merino Pearl yarn.

More blogging notes:

I'm glad I found some fellow Sacramento area knitters and bloggers. There's Violet's blog with her recently finished Shoalwater shawl. Very lovely! Love the view too. Where in Roseville do you find such perfect setting?!

And there's Lynette's blog and her adventures in the snow. Beautiful work, ladies!

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