Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Design Process

Two new designs finished, as scheduled! I love designing and creating new patterns. I find it exciting , rewarding and very involved. I can say that I owe a lot to Mary McCall, who got me seriously started when I began pattern testing for her. And there's Jonelle Raffino of Southwest Trading Co, Darlene Hayes of Hand Jive Knits and Myrna Stahman, author of the lace knitting book, Stahman Shawls and Scarves, who, by the way, has an upcoming book, Variations, still in the publishing stage.

You start by having this idea in your head, a picture of what you want to do. Pencil and paper comes in handy. Pull out your knitting and crocheting reference books, pattern stitches, research some more, then graph it out. Yes, I do graph them out! This is how I picture the design, how it will turn out.

Then, I go search for yarn. This is where it pays to have a huge stash. Whether it be lace or texture, you search for the right colorway, the right thickness, the right needle. Grab the needle and start knitting.
Oh, and take lots of notes.

The tedious process comes next, putting your idea into paper or on your computer. Having speedy fingers help a lot, and having the right software. Type it up, print it out, and knit it again, using your written directions. This is where you find errors and glitches, and make the necessary corrections.

This may not work for others. Each one has his or her own unique process and this is how I do mine. Now. to more fun stuff. Pictures!

A crocheted bag, done in one piece, from the bottom up. I used Reynolds Saucy worsted cotton yarn, 2 skeins, approximately 300 yards.

Snakes and Ladders socks, a simple knit and purl combination, no cables. It works well with self-striping yarns like Regia.

Patterns now available on my my website.

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