Monday, September 20, 2004

I have decided...

that I will stop feeling guilty everytime I start a new project. I refuse to be stressed out by feeling that I have to finish an old project before I start a new one. It's my project, my time, my yarns and my needles! So there! I can start as many projects as I want as long as I have needles available. And when I start feeling guilty, I will use it to motivate myself to finish that UFO. I know I am my worst enemy. And I plan to take lots of notes in case I forget.

CA Wool and Fiber festival:
Rather small gathering, not a lot of vendors, very little choices. Total driving hours is 7 hours from Sacramento to Boonville on narrow zig-zag 2-lane roads. I wonder why they hold it there? Lambtown is bigger and more accessible. I came home with some handpainted Tussah silk roving and one prize winning Cormo fleece from Merry Meadows Farm in Willits, CA. Beautiful, clean and inexpensive. There was one vendor selling 4 rather expensive drop spindles. That's it!

Well, I won't be going back next year.

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