Thursday, January 08, 2004

Aaack....., I've come down with a cold, got it from Emily, who got it from Matthew. Those are my kids. Hubby's still safe. I feel lousy.

On the hook, a crocheted sock from Janet Rehfeldt's book, Crocheted Socks! I'm almost done with the sock and I just started yesterday. Very easy and interesting new stitches. I might have to crochet all of the patterns in the book. It sure did get my interest!

I'm a rather fast crocheter. I remember the time in 2000, here in Sacramento, when I competed against the famous Lily Chin, in the Fastest Crocheter alive. Boy, that was nerve wracking but fun!

Also knitting my Valentine's sock using the Magic Loop method which I enjoy. No dropped stitches, dropped dpns, etc, etc. I might invest in more 40" circs. More pics to come.

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