Monday, February 04, 2008

Update 3/3/12:

I have re-knitted this pattern as written and did not see any errors. Here is the latest picture:

I've been racking my brains as to why others are not able to get the same fabric as pictured. The only thing I can think of is in row 2.

There is a K1 in the beginning of row. You don't repeat this K1. The repeat is from *YO, k2tog* to the end of row.

Another thing I'm thinking of is that I knit Continental, with the working yarn held in my left hand. I'm not a thrower. When you "throw" your yarn with the right hand, it is easy to drop or miss a Yarn Over.

Pattern Freebie, Big Net Lace Scarf pattern

All of a sudden, I've had requests for this pattern from my old, now defunct, website. so, I'm putting it up here:

I used a skein of Chunky weight Baby Alpaca, about 100 gms, 108 yards, and US size 15 ( 10 mm) needles.

Abbreviations: K – knit; tog-together; SSK-slip, slip, knit; YO-yarn over

Big Net Lace Scarf:

Cast on 17 stitches (must be an odd number of stitches)

Row 1 : Knit

Row 2: K1, * YO, k2tog * ; repeat from * to * to the end of row.

Row3: Knit

Row 4: * SSK, YO*; rep from * to * to the end of row, ending with K1

Row 5: Knit.

Repeat rows 2-5 until you have just enough yarn to bind off. Make sure you end with row 5 and bind off loosely.

I’m sure you can use any type of yarn, worsted, sport, lace weight. Adjust the number of stitches, make it narrower or wider. Play with it.

The pdf link is here on Ravelry.

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Anonymous said...

i am following the pattern, but for some reason mine looks nothing like this. are we supposed to drop the y/o's?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am also having a bit of trouble with the yarn overs, not new to knitting so i'm not sure what is happening. It seems so simple but I keep knitting the same five rows and I come up with something that basically looks like a messed up garter stitch. Even when i drop the yarn overs it still looks pretty bad, are we supposed to stretch out the holes or something?

Vicki Suan said...

Hi all, I have a feeling a stitch is getting dropped somewhere. Take Row 2: There is a K1 at the beginning, then just repeat Yo, k2tog, yo, k2tog until the end of the row. On row 3, just knit all the stitches including the yarn overs. Row 4: Repeat ssk, yo, ssk, yo until the end of row and you will have 1 stitch left. K1. That's it! Let me know if this is not clear. And please leave an email address so I can email you back.

Anonymous said...

I also can not make this look like the picture. I've taken it apart over and over. I've tried different needle sizes. Can the author sample it exactly as it is written and see if something has been left out? Thank you!

Vicki Suan said...

Good suggestion! I will go ahead and reknit this one and we'll see. I will keep you all posted.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't get the holes to look nice and big like they do in the picture. After taking it out and starting again and again and using different kneedles, I was pretty frustrated. Then I tried to purl rows 1, 3 & 5. I don't get it to look exactly like the picture but it looks pretty good and so much better than it did when I was knitting the odd rows.