Monday, March 24, 2008

My books came in

SOFTIES KIT : This is the same as the book except it has pieces of felt, floss, needle and a different format. The patterns are in laminated card format.

Luckily, I didn't buy the book in the first place. Why do they do that? They did the same thing with Amy Butler's In Stitches Book, and Denise Schmidt's Quilt book. You would think that you're buying a different book. Waste of money.

AMIGURUMI WORLD: Excellent book by Ana Paula Rimoli. Well-written patterns, beautiful pictures and cute stuffies.

PLUSH YOU - LOVABLE MISFIT TOYS TO SEW AND STUFF : Now, there's the keyword - MISFIT! My style is those cutesy-huggy-pretty stuff. That's why I did not like the book. I'd hate to say that the book is bad. Others might like this style, even enjoy making them. This has gotten 2- star reviews on Amazon (2 out of 5 stars). I'd say, to each his own.

My kids saw the stuffies inside the book and they found some quite disturbing. Some made me laugh. There are zombies, an ugly purple thang, a blind penguin, cannibal bunnies and this stuffie with a piece of wood sticking out of its eye. This one freaked out my kids:

I found some cute ones but no patterns. There are the amigurumi cupcake bears, Ami dolls, Woolyhoodwinks (with pattern), flapper dolls, Sewing stars owls, candy corn doll (with pattern), Mommy and Baby owl by Ana Paula Rimoli (and with pattern too!), and a Family of whales (Blairpeter).

This book is a collection of patterns by different designers. Photography is excellent though. Fortunately, I borrowed the books from the library before buying it outright.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

These are the 3 baby quilts I finished:

Hubby liked the bright colors of this one. I used 5" charms I bought a long time ago.

A baby boy's quilt. I wish the colors were brighter--lol!

A more subdued baby girl's quilt which featured carousel horses with pink flowers (can't really see in the picture). I like the antique-y look of this one.

coming up... knitted baby sweaters.