Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Quilting Anniversary

I started quilting last July, 2006. So, how far have I come along? I remember starting with totebags and purses. I still have my first attempts. Eventually, I progressed to Traditional quilts, rotaty cut and machine pieced. My first and second quilts weren't perfect but we're still using them.

I have taken lots of classes. They're not cheap but oh so worth the investment. You can tell yourself that you can learn them from books. Or you might be quilting for years and therefore don't need take classes. But.... there are so many "new and improved" techniques that you can pick up. I say, don't get stuck in a rut. Classes are so much fun to take.

I crave new things. I want to learn more. One of the quilting techniques along the way was Applique. Thought it was hard. Not!

Another one that scared me was Paper Piecing. It is a little hard and fiddly but I love it now. You can definitely say it's addictive. Like potato chips.

Just last week, this was what I was working on:

A watercolor quilt, quilted as you go. I found this quilt book at the library called AWASH WITH COLOR by Judy Turner. The blocks were quilted as you go, and used lots of strips. Then, the blocks are sewn together with sashing. Lots of handsewing. You have to know how to put the colors together, though.

Next, I want to learn Landscape quilting. There's this Nancy Zieman book called LANDSCAPE QUILTS that I just bought. I will soon be painting with fabrics.