Thursday, May 26, 2005

Socks, Beads

Hi, I am Vicki and I'm a lazy blogger....

I must admit, it has been a while since I last blogged. I have been busy knitting and designing. Plus, the year is almost over. Finals for DD and all.

Two of the socks I finished recently.

One is this pair of socks from the book 'Cool Socks, Warm Feet' by Lucy Neatby. This is called the Mermaid socks. Very fun to knit. I used Millenweit sock yarn by Lana Grossa, wool/cotton/nylon blend. I've lost the ball band and can't find the exact color code. (Note: my little Emily wanted her feet included in the picture, he, he).

This second one is Jackie E-S's Anklet Coronet pattern, with beads, using Lorna's Laces sock yarn in Purple Club colorway. Another fun pattern to knit.

I have finished lots of projects but just haven't taken any pictures. I can do more hand dyeing. I just got my delivery of Knitpicks yarns, including Shine (cotton/modal blend). Such a beautiful yarn!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

More yarn stores...yeah

Sacramento used to be a 2 yarn store city but not anymore. A fellow blogger and knitter, Violet, is opening a new yarnstore in Citrus Heights (Sacramento area) called Frogpond Knits. I am so looking forward to it. I might be teaching a class or two in crochet, depending on schedules and the like. We'll see.

The other 3 yarn stores are:

1. Rumpelstiltskin, on 10th and R Streets in Sacramento (downtown area). My favorite store, love the people, love the yarns. Owner Linda gave me my first chance at showcasing my designs. She was the first store to carry them.

2. A Time When...., on San Juan and Greenback. I have not been there for a long time. I wonder what has happened to them? The store has moved several times. I love the yarns too but some are a little overpriced compared to other stores.

3. Babetta's Yarns and Gifts, on Winding Way. Her's is a newly opened store, extremely nice and helpful owner. She carries some yarns that the other stores don't. She's also a homeschooler. Also carries spinning supplies and offers classes.

Monday, May 02, 2005

So inspired

I enjoy reading lots of knitting blogs but there's a few that I read regularly. One of them is Vera's. I find lots of inspirations in her blog, with the projects she has, both knitting and crocheting related.

One time, I saw her doilies. Wow! I've sworn off doilies. I started with doilies. My very first crocheted piece was a doily and I got a special award for it. (That was during my high school years, centuries ago, he, he). Anyway, I thought I have already retired my metal hooks and my size 10 threads. But like I said, Vera inspires me.

Here's my Crinoline Lady. She's a pattern by Cylinda Matthews from Crochet Memories. There's very few thread crochet designers that I trust and Cylinda's one of them. I trust that her patterns are easy to follow with little or no errors. And I get them emailed asap upon payment. Instant gratification!

My little lady is still missing some ribbons and flowers , to be added later, but I love the way she looks. I'm on a hunt for more Crinoline lady patterns.

Here's a second one: Flowers!

I found the center motif in one of my old hardback books, made some changes on the edges, and will crochet me a summer shawl. We'll see how this one turns out. I'm using size 10 cotton crochet threads.

I still remember the rectangular tablecloth and full-sized bedspread I crocheted in high school. Back in the Philippines, we never heard of wool or acrylics. Being a hot and humid tropical country, we used cotton crochet thread we called bedspread cotton. It took me one whole year to finish these 2 pieces, with my mom's help. I don't know what happened to these 2 works of art since that time we immigrated to the US in the 80's. I wish I had been more careful and brought them with me.