Thursday, August 31, 2006

These yarns are now available in my ETSY store.

Blue lime yarn

chocolate cherry yarn

Blue lavender yarn

If you are also interested in handpainting your own yarn, I have some off white yarn, in approx. 4 oz skeins, 495 yards, wool/nylon blend (75/25), available in my ETSY store. Each skein only costs $8.50 plus $1.75 shipping.

Quilting and stuff

I am like a woman possessed. I am weird in that way. When I get into something new, whether it’s a craft or hobby, I put my all into it. Before July, 2006, I was quietly knitting, crocheting a little, handpainting some yarn and wool. One night, while teaching a crochet class, a fellow knitter and friend, Beth C., commented on how I’m able to do all these and have time for other things. I mentioned to her that there is something I “can’t” do and that’s sewing.

I don’t remember Beth’s exact words but she said it’s because I haven’t learned it YET. Who knows, I might like it too.

So, I learned. I took a class, bought some books at garage sales, got some fabrics, and started sewing some purses. This past month, I finished these:

Emilys quilt

My first quilt. It’s not perfect. The points on the triangles are not really pointed (that is, if you can see the triangles!). More like lines that don’t meet—lol! But it’s my first one and I love it. It’s for my youngest, Emily.

Here's another, for my son, Matthew:
Matthew's quilt

This sewing thing is addictive.

Friday, August 25, 2006

I just now figured out why I was having a hard time uploading pictures to blogspot and my picturetrail album. It's this stupid AOL. I really hate AOL. I was happy with Netzero but I had to use up all the free 20,000 points I accumulated towards AOL or they get wasted. I AM the only person in this whole world who has dial up connection!!

Anyhoo, here are some pics:


Tiger stripes. I knitted the sock about 3 weeks ago. I have 3 skeins available. 330 yards, 4 oz, superwash Merino, $17 per skein plus shipping. Email me at vdsuan at juno dot com.


The beginnings of Winnie the Pooh. He's already finished but I want to show you how he was crocheted. An odd way of putting him together. You crochet the muzzle, arms and legs first. Then, you start on the butt and crochet your way up, adding the legs and arms as you go. Really different indeed.


Fast forward and here's what he looks like.

We're off to the CA State Fair today. Our Crochet Guild has a display/teaching area to help promote the art.

More later.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Sewing Machines

No pictures today but lots of happenings.

Pictures are in the digital camera but have not been downloaded to my computer.

Hubby bought me a new sewing machine last month. He has an old Kenmore sewing machine that sounds like a blender when in use. But oh, it may be old but it was reliable. All the feet attachments are gone and all the extra gadgets. I don't think I can break it (yes, I tried). I love old Kenmore.

Now, the new one was on sale at Joanne's, brand name: White. Up 'til then, I've never heard of White sewing machines. It's not expensive but it serves my purpose. I tried to break this one too and I think I succeeded. Luckily, it was still on warranty. The Country Sewing Store fixed it for us FREE.

I've taken a basic quilting class at the Country Sewing Store in Elk Grove. That's where I met Husqvarna Viking. He's another sewing machine. He purrs, not like a blender, but he purrs. And they tried to sell me one (but I just bought a new one!!).

I was steadfast. Mr White is fine for me right now. Eventually, I will get a Viking. I will save my teaching money.

I can shop at Joanne's for hours and never get bored. I now bypass the yarn isle and head towards the fabric isle.

I will join yet another guild. The quilting guild.

Watermelon yarns are being handpainted. Will be available soon. The wool/nylon sock yarn is back in stock.

KPIP (knitting projects in progress)
1. Lace Shawl
2. Lace stole for Knitique
3. 4-5 socks in progress.

Yikes! School will be back in session next week. I now have 3 kids to homeschool. Blessedly, Danielle will be graduating high school one semester early (Jan 2007). Matt will be in 4th grade and Emily is itching to start Kindergarten.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

More bags


This bag was requested by my teenager. She picked the fabrics and the colors. No pattern used. She just gave me the dimensions and I added a little pink color. Have you ever stared at polka dots for a long time?? Up 'til now, I still see spots.


A knitting bag for me, from the book "Bag Boutique" by Indygo Junction. I like their patterns. Very easy to follow and understand for a beginner like me.


Another favorite of mine, from the same book. I must have now sewn 4 patterns from this book.


A little bit from the Orient. I love using brocade on purses. This is a freebie pattern from Connecting Threads, a sister company of


A design called Sara Louise by Indygo Junction.