Thursday, April 26, 2012

A mini basket I sewed from the Pink Penguin website.
A cake I baked for my sister on her birthday last week.
My new knitting bag, also from the Pink Penguin website. Her tutorials are great and so very easy to follow.

Friday, April 13, 2012

This is what I'm currently crocheting. I haven't crocheted a garment in so long that I'm having difficulty reading the pattern. I keep making mistakes left and right. But there is nothing wrong with the pattern. It's me.

Once finished, this is what it will look like (I hope). The yarn I'm using is fingering weight cotton yarn with no name. I bought several cones of it on Ebay years ago and just have not used it. I might leave it as is or dye it a different color once it's done.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This first bag came from my cousin, Kristie, who is a nurse in Wales. She and her son Patrick came for my Aunt's funeral. What a lovely and thoughtful gift.

This second purse was given to me by my friend, Elizabeth, who vacationed in HongKong a few weeks ago. She wasn't sure if she can do any shopping at all since she expected a very busy and hectic tour. Another lovely surprise.

It's amazing however that both purses are burgundy. It that the new trend? I thought it was the color orange?

The last two pictures are from my cake decorating class that I took at Joann's. Its the very basic first class you have to take before you can take any of their advance classes. I learned some stuff and tips from my teacher. I however did not enjoy the class that much. We started off at 10 students. By the 4th and last session, only 5 of us were left. I doubt that it had anything to do with the teacher since she seemed very knowledgeable. For me, the class dragged on and took forever.

Each session was two hours long. In those two hours, the actual teaching was done within the last half hour. I wanted to move ahead and learn and ended up reading the book and practicing on my own while the rest of the class chatted and whined. Arghh.

I learned more from Kristie. Now she learned on her own and decorated her cakes by practicing. You tube also has a ton of instructions on cake decorating.