Friday, December 29, 2006

I can't believe how unbelievably fast time flies. My oldest daughter turned 17. The year 2006 is almost over. I feel sad but I learned so many new things this year.

Quilting soothes me. Unlike knitting, I do and finish my quilting projects one at a time. I have this urge to finish before I start a new one.

I finished my gift to Angela, the Swallowtail shawl from Interweave Knits. I knitted it with cotton/rayon blend yarn because of her allergy to wool. The yarn was handpainted by me a year ago, and sat in my stash forever. I knew somehow that it will turn into a project. Pics to follow.

I dropped off the guild library books with the guild President last night. It felt like I finished that chapter and finally closed the book. Why do I feel so darn dreary??? Even I'm depressing myself, he,he.

I need to go visit some quilt stores and drop by Knitique. Danielle never fails to lighten my mood.

And thanks, Beth!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Wow! Christmas is almost here. Time flies. Last year, we were in Vegas and did not enjoy the coming of Christmas. I've finished shopping, something I really do not enjoy at all. Except when I'm shopping for fabrics.

I'm knitting too much, to fulfill orders, and I'm missing my quilting projects.

Next year, I will write more freebie patterns to share.

Next year, I plan to take more quilting classes and perfect my technique. I want to sell more baby quilts.

I have a decision to make. To rejoin the knitting quild or not. I have been away for two months, missed a couple of meetings including the Christmas party, and did not get an email or phone call from even one of the members I call friends. I wasn't missed at all. I'll quit whining and make a decision soon.

I'm currently the co-librarian for the guild and because of the 2 missed meetings, it does look like I haven't been fulfilling my duties. There might be several people interested in taking over my job so I think I will give it up.

So there, decision made (at least one of them).

Now I know how it feels to be unwanted, he, he.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Knitter/crocheter For hire

I've finally realized that since I've been doing this for a while, I'm officially a knitter (and crocheter) for hire!

I was commissioned by a friend, Angela, to crochet the Winnie the Pooh collection. I've finished Winnie several months back. Tigger is also finished.

So is Piglet.

And this month, I finished Eeyore. Angela is giving the whole set to her granddaughter for Christmas. Just in time.

And, last month, my best friend, Janet, came for a visit. She bought all the materials and I finished this quilt for her. First time I made a quilt using polyester and fleece fabric. Now I know why guilters only quilt with cotton!!

I am also knitting hats and mitts for Yolo Wool mill and will soon be knitting a lace shawl for Hand Jive Knits for TNNA. I get to do what I love and get paid for it.

Signing off, Vicki, soon-to-be Quilter for hire.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

One crochet designer I really admire, Jocelyn Sass, has some free patterns on her blog.

Crochet Cafe.

Do check it out.

Friday, October 13, 2006

More sewing, some crochet, less knitting

Sorry for the lack of knitting posts. I've done some crocheting. I finished Tigger for my friend, Angela. I will post some pics soon.

I am addicted to Japanese Craft books. No, I don't read or speak Japanese but I can understand graphs, diagrams and schematics. Here's one of the books I got from .

I've finished the purse out of the pink polka dot fabric in the background. Pictures to come.

A tote bag for my niece, Christina, 15 yo, with accompanying zippered make up case. She picked the fabric herself.

A table topper for my mom.

2 coordinating table runner and topper for me.

Small enough to finish quickly.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

TV shows, Knitting, sewing

How long has it been since ER (the TV show) premiered? It must be over 10 years ago. I have not missed an episode. Never. I'm so happy it's back.

My DD made a comment that all these new Fall shows are keeping her stressed. There are so many new ones that you don't know which one to watch.

Some of the new ones that stand out:
1. Men in Trees (Anne Heche and that gorgeous guy, Jack) - very endearing and funny although some scenes are predictable. Reminds me of Northern Exposure.

2. Jericho - very intriguing. Let's see how it progresses.

3. Heroes - rather weird. Again, let's see how it does with the ratings. I can't keep up with the subtitles since I was knitting at the time.

4. Studio 60 - I'm so glad Matthew Perry is back. Fast paced (in the West Wing tradition), funny, and sometimes confusing.

5. Shark - Oh my gosh!

That's it! That's it?

I'm glad these shows are back:

CSI (the original one, in Las Vegas)
Amazing Race
Ghost Whisperer

Some shows I miss:

Lost (when is it coming back?)
Invasion - lasted only 1 season but I watched it every week, no fail

Yes, I watch too much TV.

Some projects I finished:
Tigger of the Winnie the Pooh fame, crocheted (pics later)
this Amy Butler bag and the Kona Bay bag:

Monday, September 25, 2006

2 skeins of Candy Corn and the last Watermelon yarn are all SOLD.

I'm off to the dye pot!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Yarns available:

Candy Corn sock yarn, approx 4 oz, 495 yards, wool/nylon blend (75/25), fingering weight sock yarn. $15 per skein plus $1.75 shipping. 2 skeins available.

Halloween sock yarn (orange and black), approx 4 oz, 495 yards, wool/nylon, fingering weight. $15 per skein plus $1.75 shipping each. 2 skeins available.

All of the above are not self-striping.

I also have 1 skein of my self-striping watermelon yarn available, same contents and yardage as above. $23 per skein plus $1.75 shipping.

Please send me an email at vdsuan at juno dot com. I can send you an invoice via Paypal. thanks.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Blogger will not let me upload pictures again.

Second week of the Sacramento County workers' strike. We're getting nervous but still hanging in there.

I will miss the Crochet Guild's monthly meetings. I signed up to be a group leader at our kids' church AWANA program. Every Wednesday starting tonight 'til May 2007. Priorities.

Knitting: socks from's SOTM. Trekking yarn. Love it!

Handpainting: I dyed several skeins of Watermelon yarn, Halloween yarn, Candy corn yarn and Christmas colors! Finally.

Sewing: Finished several bags, Christmas stockings, 1 quilt, and working on a new one.

Crocheting: Tigger for Angela!

Note: All of the above seems overwhelming. I don't do them all at the same time. I cannot sit still without using my hands at some craft or another. Another thing: I'm running on adrenaline and caffein. (just kidding)

Anyone out there like me?

Monday, September 11, 2006

Where were you on 9/11?

I remember waking up early that day. Before my husband left for work, he came and told me something has happened in New York. One of the Twin Towers is on fire. I turned on the TV in the bedroom. Hubby then quietly left for work.

I see the destruction. Just then, the second plane hit. But I didn't see the plane, just the explosion. Dear God. What is going on?

Our bedroom has wide windows and just outside, I can see the 2 big trees in our backyard. This really stuck to my memory. The wind started to blow, strong, fierce. Not uncommon in Sacramento but at that moment, it was ominous. It lasted for a few minutes and then, it died down. I started crying...

I apologize to those who might read this and not be able to handle the recollection. This is my way of dealing with it. Remember 9/11 and it's heroes.

So, where were you on 9/11? If you have a blog, write something about it.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Too surprised that Blogger is actually letting me upload pics, I am hurrying. This is a table topper I made for my mom. Small project, fast to finish.

Caitlyn's bag! Sweet Caitlyn is my daughter's boyfriend's little sister who turned 10 last month. I whipped up the bag the same afternoon they went to the mall to buy her gift.

Christmas tree skirt. Boy, am I way ahead of schedule. All these years we've been living in this house, we never had a passable tree skirt. We've been using one of those raggedy felt ones that I can now throw away. Either I'm too cheap to buy a new one or I knew that the day will come when I can sew one myself.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

These yarns are now available in my ETSY store.

Blue lime yarn

chocolate cherry yarn

Blue lavender yarn

If you are also interested in handpainting your own yarn, I have some off white yarn, in approx. 4 oz skeins, 495 yards, wool/nylon blend (75/25), available in my ETSY store. Each skein only costs $8.50 plus $1.75 shipping.

Quilting and stuff

I am like a woman possessed. I am weird in that way. When I get into something new, whether it’s a craft or hobby, I put my all into it. Before July, 2006, I was quietly knitting, crocheting a little, handpainting some yarn and wool. One night, while teaching a crochet class, a fellow knitter and friend, Beth C., commented on how I’m able to do all these and have time for other things. I mentioned to her that there is something I “can’t” do and that’s sewing.

I don’t remember Beth’s exact words but she said it’s because I haven’t learned it YET. Who knows, I might like it too.

So, I learned. I took a class, bought some books at garage sales, got some fabrics, and started sewing some purses. This past month, I finished these:

Emilys quilt

My first quilt. It’s not perfect. The points on the triangles are not really pointed (that is, if you can see the triangles!). More like lines that don’t meet—lol! But it’s my first one and I love it. It’s for my youngest, Emily.

Here's another, for my son, Matthew:
Matthew's quilt

This sewing thing is addictive.

Friday, August 25, 2006

I just now figured out why I was having a hard time uploading pictures to blogspot and my picturetrail album. It's this stupid AOL. I really hate AOL. I was happy with Netzero but I had to use up all the free 20,000 points I accumulated towards AOL or they get wasted. I AM the only person in this whole world who has dial up connection!!

Anyhoo, here are some pics:


Tiger stripes. I knitted the sock about 3 weeks ago. I have 3 skeins available. 330 yards, 4 oz, superwash Merino, $17 per skein plus shipping. Email me at vdsuan at juno dot com.


The beginnings of Winnie the Pooh. He's already finished but I want to show you how he was crocheted. An odd way of putting him together. You crochet the muzzle, arms and legs first. Then, you start on the butt and crochet your way up, adding the legs and arms as you go. Really different indeed.


Fast forward and here's what he looks like.

We're off to the CA State Fair today. Our Crochet Guild has a display/teaching area to help promote the art.

More later.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Sewing Machines

No pictures today but lots of happenings.

Pictures are in the digital camera but have not been downloaded to my computer.

Hubby bought me a new sewing machine last month. He has an old Kenmore sewing machine that sounds like a blender when in use. But oh, it may be old but it was reliable. All the feet attachments are gone and all the extra gadgets. I don't think I can break it (yes, I tried). I love old Kenmore.

Now, the new one was on sale at Joanne's, brand name: White. Up 'til then, I've never heard of White sewing machines. It's not expensive but it serves my purpose. I tried to break this one too and I think I succeeded. Luckily, it was still on warranty. The Country Sewing Store fixed it for us FREE.

I've taken a basic quilting class at the Country Sewing Store in Elk Grove. That's where I met Husqvarna Viking. He's another sewing machine. He purrs, not like a blender, but he purrs. And they tried to sell me one (but I just bought a new one!!).

I was steadfast. Mr White is fine for me right now. Eventually, I will get a Viking. I will save my teaching money.

I can shop at Joanne's for hours and never get bored. I now bypass the yarn isle and head towards the fabric isle.

I will join yet another guild. The quilting guild.

Watermelon yarns are being handpainted. Will be available soon. The wool/nylon sock yarn is back in stock.

KPIP (knitting projects in progress)
1. Lace Shawl
2. Lace stole for Knitique
3. 4-5 socks in progress.

Yikes! School will be back in session next week. I now have 3 kids to homeschool. Blessedly, Danielle will be graduating high school one semester early (Jan 2007). Matt will be in 4th grade and Emily is itching to start Kindergarten.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

More bags


This bag was requested by my teenager. She picked the fabrics and the colors. No pattern used. She just gave me the dimensions and I added a little pink color. Have you ever stared at polka dots for a long time?? Up 'til now, I still see spots.


A knitting bag for me, from the book "Bag Boutique" by Indygo Junction. I like their patterns. Very easy to follow and understand for a beginner like me.


Another favorite of mine, from the same book. I must have now sewn 4 patterns from this book.


A little bit from the Orient. I love using brocade on purses. This is a freebie pattern from Connecting Threads, a sister company of


A design called Sara Louise by Indygo Junction.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I've been busy...

Some more bags and totes I've sewn this past week. Danielle from Knitique was right. Immediate gratification. I can finish a bag in 3-4 hours, forgetting to eat (sometimes).

Patchwork bag from the QUILTS AND MORE magazine. My first attempt at a quilted bag. It says a seam allowance of 1/4 inch. I got careless and wanted to finish fast, did not follow that instruction, and sewed on... Needless to say, the strips were uneven. I'm learning, I'm learning. But still, I love the colors and will use the bag myself.

Here's another. I got the idea from
Autum's website. Mine is still not perfect but I'm getting there.

Knitting: I finished my Tiger sock and Emma's Lace scarf (pics to follow).

I will have a table at our church's Show and Tell Boutique this coming Saturday, July 22nd, from 10 am to 1 pm. It's at the First Baptist Church in Elk Grove on E. Stockton Blvd. Come and visit us if you live in the area. There are several home-based arts and crafts businesses participating. No selling or buying involved. Just a show and tell venue.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


This is a huge crocheted fabric basket using cut up strips, 4 inches wide, from 2 flat, full-sized bed sheets. There are 2 handles on opposite sides for easy carrying around the house. And there's a lot of carrying involved since little Emily acquired it for her own. Her stuffed animals carry-basket.

4 tote bags I've sewn using scraps...



and a pillow.


Sadly, I haven't knitted a thing.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Can't Sew?

I keep telling myself that I can't sew. One of the crafts I can't master. My mom is a very talented seamstress. My just a tape measure, pencil and piece of paper, and of course, a sewing machine, she used to sew me and my sister beautiful dresses when we were growing up. My interests focused on fiber, hooks and sticks to make my own creations.

Being a totebag lover, I decided to make my own. With the numerous unfinished projects I have lying around the house, I need a lot of tote bags. So, with a free pattern on the internet, I decided to sew one. No fabrics handy, I used bedsheets (ha, ha!). I have a ton of them. I used to go to thrift stores, buy lots, cut them into 2-4 inch strips and crochet them into bags, baskets and rugs.

And this is the result. Purple striped tote bag, and lined too!

I made several, including a crocheted fabric basket. Pictures coming soon.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Playing with colors

 Free Image Hosting at

Here are some of the colors I've been playing with. I tried to copy a Kiwi (on the left) but the color is not working for me. Tried to apply some seeds but they didn't take. It must have something to do with the non superwash yarn I used.

The one on the right is supposed to be a self striping fair isle. I see the stripes but not the fair isle. It must be the smaller sized sock with a cast on of only 52. I do believe the color will work if I had cast on 60 or 64.

Free Image Hosting at

Some watermelon mishaps. Well, not really. The one on the left has NO seeds. The one on the right, the seeds did not really take as I wanted it to. Both skeins are 100% wool, non superwash, sportweight, 288 yards each, and self striping watermelons.
I'm selling each for $12.50 plus $1.75 shipping. Please send me an email at vdsuan at juno dot com if you're interested.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I have finished handpainting more skeins of the watermelon yarn. Andrea, if you are reading this, please send me an email at vdsuan at juno dot com. My Juno email crashed and I've lost all messages and addresses. I've saved a skein for you.

As anticipated, the wool/nylon blend ran out and new stock won't be arriving until mid to late July. The manufacturer has substituted a new sock yarn. It's 100% superwash Merino, 3 ply, tightly spun for socks, a bit thicker and meatier than the fingering wool/nylon blend. It's almost sportweight, uses US size 2 needles to knit 7 sts per inch. I've packed the yarn into 5 oz skeins at 400 plus yards, enough for a pair of socks.

I also have some watermelon mishaps, priced at a discount. More info will follow.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

I have 4 skeins of watermelon yarn available, two are already taken (by MJ). Just visit my WEBSITE to get the ordering information and send me an email at vdsuan at juno dot com.

I finished the KIWI colorway experiment and it's just not working for me. I'm knitting a sock out of the yarn and will post a picture soon.

Cantaloupe is also finished and wound into a ball for knitting, soon. We'll see how that one turns out.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

To answer questions on whether the watermelon yarn will be made available, the answer is yes. I plan on handpainting more within the next few days and I will announce availability on this blog. However, the yarn is on back order with the manufacturer, coming from the UK, and will be re-stocked in July. Why does that always happen??

Semi good news: I have a few pounds of this same yarn left. Another good news: they have a new yarn 100% superwash Merino, tightly spun specifically for socks, very similar to Koigu but a tad thicker, that they have in stock and on it's way to me as we speak. bwahahahahaha.

The yarn I'm currently using is superwash wool/nylon blend (75/25), fingering weight, 495 yards approx, per 4 oz skein. I also have other yarns in stock that I can handpaint. The possibilities are limitless!!

Now, I need suggestions on other favorite colorways from you all. So far, I have cantaloupe (green, with dark peach/pink), kiwi (brown, 2 shades of green with flecks of black for seeds)and Victoria( burgundy, purple, gold), my favorite. To add to the watermelon colorway. Send me a comment.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Free Image Hosting at

Here's another picture of the watermelon socks. I can't put it down. The sock has a short row garter stitch heel, a la Lucy Neatby. I'm using US size 1 dpns and getting 9 stitches per inch. I can't put it down!!

Monday, June 12, 2006

I joined another group in Yahoo called Socks For Soldiers where we knit BBS (that's Big Black Socks) to be sent to our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan and any where abroad. So, far, I've dyed 2 skeins of deep black yarn, which I will knit only in the daytime, with plenty of lighting. I can't believe I don't have any BLACK sock yarns in my stash!

There was quite a discussion on Watermelon yarns for socks and other items, handpainted by Freshisle Fibers. Quite intriguing. I ordered the book Yarns to Dye For by Kathleen Taylor. Very interesting and with detailed instructions on handpainting self striping, Fair Isle, and graduated color yarns. The patterns are very basic (you don't buy the book for its patterns), to support the yarns.

So, I experimented and here's what I got:

And here's the knitted sock out of this yarn.

I won't go into details as to how I handpainted the yarn. I respect her copyright but it is very involved and time consuming. I like it.

Friday, June 09, 2006

My dad is an avid garage sale shopper (you do know where I'm heading...). Born and raised in the Philippines, came to the US when he was 50, he couldn't believe how wasteful these Americans are--lol! Some of the stuff he finds are mostly new and never used, literally being sold for a dollar or less. He's found some really good buys.

He called me one early Saturday morning and told me that he bought this spinning wheel (read on...). He knows absolutely nothing about wheels except for the fact that I have two. He made sure that the parts are all there and that it works (I really don't know how he can tell, he, he).

He brought it to the house after buying it for $35. Oh my gosh! This is a Country Craftsman, no longer being made, spins beautifully, and hardly used. The owner, apparently bought it for display. I can't tell if it's been used. Even the treadle looks pristine. It came with its own stool. One website had it advertised for $579 altogether. She has 1 left.

I love you, Dad.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

What are these?

A jumble of coolties!

I have been an inactive member of the Ships Support group headed by Ellen Harpin. When the call came for coolties for our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, I reported for duty. With temperatures ranging from 110 to 130 degrees, I've got to help.

These ties are filled with polymer crystals that swell up into cool gels when soaked in cold water. Keeps you cool when worn around the neck. I don't sew, can barely sew a straight line, but I'm loving this sewing machine thing. My husband showed me how to operate this thing, how to thread the needle, how to make it go (fast, I say, fast!)etc., etc. I'm loving it. I might even take classes! woo hoo!

I've since sewn 90 coolties and immediately mailed them to Ellen.

Enough of my adventures. To learn more about the ships support project, click on the Ships Project website.

The inexpensive polymer crystals are available at theWatersorb website.

The free patterns for the coolties or neckbands are found here.

Right now, I'm still sewing up more ties from donated cotton fabrics. If you can help, check out the website. Ellen is always in need of postage. If you have men colored 100% cotton fabrics you can donate, please do so. And visit the website. Please.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Way back in College, I had a dear friend, whom I haven't seen since 1982. We went to the University of the Philippines, and for 4 years, we stuck together, through good times and bad, homesickness and silliness, 24/7. Welll, not really 24/7, more like 16/5. She was almost my sister and for sure, best friend.

I have been looking for her, on and off, for these past years. She's always been in the back of my mind. Whatever did happen to my friend, Norie??

Last April 15 (it was the last filing day), I dreamt about her. Whatever did happen to Norie? This May, she found me, through the wonders of the internet, emails, and a former classmate. She's still in the Philippines, married with children, head of the IT department of a prestigious Advertising firm and very successful. I knew she'd make it! She's always been a Math and computer whiz and very, very smart.

We haven't stopped emailing each other since then. The wonders of email.

OKC: I'm back to knitting socks and lace. I've put down, temporarily, the Fair Isle Philosopher wool sweater and some Aran Sweaters I'm working on. Too hot.

Friday, May 05, 2006

I'm on a roll... again. With the warm weather here in Sac, and breezy conditions, I've been handpainting yarns and rovings. The open patio is in use again. I have an old microwave and mini stove, plus all my dyes and mordants, all set up outside. With the coming hot weather, the wool should dry really fast.

Check out the other yarn colorways
HERE. These are being sold at Frog Pond Knits on consignment. In order for me to make a little money, consignment is the only way. Can't mass produce and wholesale these yarns. I mean, handpainting is hard work even though I enjoy playing and working with colors. There are days when I feel like just throwing blobs of color on the yarn. Goodness knows what will turn out, he, he. It has to be an organized thing, making sure the colors go together. Get inspired by nature, the setting sun, a shrub covered with flowers, the stormy sky or your 5 year old daughter's coloring book--lol!

Here's another pic of the Corriedale rovings.

Monday, April 24, 2006

The CGOA/TKGA convention in Oakland, CA was a blast! Going there was even more fun. We took Amtrak. It sounds ordinary but, you see, we have this regular Stitch and Ride thing sponsored by Amtrak. Lindsay (ahh, wonderful lady), who works for Amtrak, helps organize a very enjoyable riding experience whenever we have a convention like Stitches West or the one this last weekend.

We get to ride in the first car with fellow addicts and get a chance to win prizes donated by LYSs in the area. I actually won a prize, a Stitch Diva scarf pattern and yummy yarns. We had a celebrity, Nancie Wiseman, who signed books and also donated a prize. Time passed by really fast and before we knew it, it was time to disembark.

From Amtrak, we transfered to BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) and got off in Oakland.

The Convention itself was smaller than Stitches West and not as overwhelming. I liked it. I hung out and had lunch with 2 Auburn knitters, Julie and Sue, whom I met in the train. I regret that I didn't get their last names and more info so we can get in touch but I know they'll be taking my beginning crochet class in May at Frog Pond Knits. Looking forward to that.

As far as purchases, I bought 2 spindles, a Little Si from Cascade spindles and a beautiful handcarved one from Carolina Homespun. I bought some spinning fibers and yummy yarn from Angora Cottage. I'll post pictures tomorrow.

Friday, April 21, 2006

My handpainted rovings are now available. These are Merino/Silk blend, each one weighs 4 oz. Check out my introductory pricing. Anyone interested in purchasing them, click on this link.
My rovings page

It has been sunny the past few days here in Sacramento. Last week, I was able to dye a whole lot of Corriedale rovings. Here's a sampling.

The whole bunch went to Babetta's Yarn store in Carmichael. If you're in the area, drop by and take a look at all that glorious color. When I went for a visit, Babetta has added more shelves. That means more yarns for me, he, he.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The TKGA/CGOA Knit and Crochet convention is this coming weekend, starting this Thursday to Sunday. It's being held in Oakland, CA. Of course I'm going. Wouldn't miss it, like I tell my husband. It's a once a year thing. But then, there's Stitches West also. So I lied. It's a twice a year thing (not counting the numerous fiber fairs and craft fairs like Lambtown, etc, etc).

This Saturday, I'm taking Amtrak along with the other knitter and crocheter ladies and gents. It's a 2 hour commute to Oakland but we get to sit and chat and knit (or crochet) without having to drive or worry about parking. And sometimes, you get freebies from some of the local yarn stores. No worries, no hassle. Way too much fun, if you ask me.

Another upcoming event is the Open House at West Valley Alpacas on May 7th.


Friday, April 14, 2006

Every knitters' dream.... to own a yarn store. Admit it. We spend all this money buying yarns and patterns. My dream is to live in one. Anyway, I've heard this comment thousands of times," Ah, I wish I owned a yarn store. I'd have all these lovely yarns at my fingertips. All mine! Whenever, whatever I want to knit, just grab any yarn from the shelves."

But you have to sell them to make money to buy more yarns. And you have to man the store, deal with the customers, be open 7 days a week. You can't knit anymore. You can't go to conventions, Stitches, meetings. You can't take vacations. Unless you have trusted and knowledgeable employees, you can't leave the store. Forget about Sundays, Saturdays, holidays. You stay open.

Okay, I'm getting to my point. My post about the one store NOT participating in the Sacramento Yarn Crawl. I found out why. Family owned and operated store, and I mean, family operated. No hired help and still manage to provide excellent service. Well, it just so happened that the Yarn crawl falls on 2 of the days they close the store to have their annual FAMILY picnic. A well-deserved break.

And I for one, will stop harping as to why they can't participate. Geez Louise, one store of out 13. "What's the big deal?", as my teenager would say. I'll go visit the store when they're open.

And speaking of vacations, I hope you enjoy your cruise, Danielle (Knitique)! Don't worry, your store will still be here when you get back.


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

As part of the charitable projects we're doing at the Sac Knitting guild, we knit 7- inch squares that we put together into lapghans for the Veterans' hospital. I've knitted/designed 2 of the squares and I'm making them available in pdf format to anyone who might be interested. One is an Hourglass Square (no picture avail right now) and the other, the Bell Rib Square (pictured on the left). Use them for your charity work or as gifts. The patterns are copyrighted and may not be re-sold. These are free. Click on the links on the left sidebar.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Colors! I have been busy handpainting my rovings again. An entire batch was snagged by Frog Pond Knits. Let me tell you, I can't keep up!--lol! It seems that there's a sudden increased interest in handspinning, both with a drop spindle and wheel.

In the coming month of May, we will do a yarn crawl which covers the Sacramento area and the vicinity, up to 30 or so miles away. There will be about 12 yarn stores participating including the 5 or so we have in Sacramento. I do believe even the Stockton and Lodi stores, Davis, all the way to Auburn and Rocklin, Grass Valley and Placerville, are all included.

It saddens me though, that one of our local stores will not be participating. I do love the store and the people that work there but the decision to not join the "Crawl" is a turn off to some of the knitters I've talked to lately. I surely hope that this doesn't cause the store to lose business. Our knitting community here is getting bigger and news spreads fast. We need to help keep these LYS's open, ALL of them.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Here's a new roving from Ashland Bay, called Hollyberry. It's a multi-colored Merino, very soft and easy to spin. In the past, their multi-colored rovings were so well-blended that the colors become muddy after spinning. I like the newer version.

Here's another knitted hat using Yolo Wool Mill's wool yarn. I've adapted the design from the Knitted hats book, the one that's shaped like a hat. This book came out several years ago with the Knitted Mittens book. Note to Vera: I don't have a specific pattern for these hats. I have several books that I usually use but I make many changes to suit the style I want. The website (Sarah Bradberry's) has several free hat patterns, as well as Fair Isle charts. Sorry for my delayed response.