Thursday, February 26, 2009

My current obsession is knitting dishcloths and washcloths. Others ridicule the art of knitting dishcloths. What's the purpose, they say? You can buy washcloths at Walmart at $3.00 a dozen. Sure. But have you ever used a handknit dishcloth to dry off your dishes or wipe off your counter or even use a washcloth in the shower? You can't compare them to those puffy nylon tulle fuzzballs. I am definitely a walking ad for washcloths.

There are so many free and for sale patterns on line. Most designers will let you knit their patterns and sell the finished item. And let me emphasize, only the FINISHED item, not the pattern itself. When in doubt, ask the designer. Knitters, crocheters and crafters are very generous people.

One of my fave dishcloth designers is Knits by Rachel. She has lots of freebies and for sale patterns. Another one is Maile Mauch. Her website has lots of freebies. A third one is Designs by Emily.

Now, with this obsession of mine, I have knitted over 20 dishcloths so far.

baby washcloths

I packaged them into these:

with some of my handmade glycerine soap, tied them with a neat ribbon, with tags and instructions and they SOLD! My sister-in-law, Flynn, bought them all. (Did I mention she's one of my favorites? ;-)

Friday, February 20, 2009

BIG mistake

Okay, so, before you go running to join the Yahoo Monthly dishcloths group, I just realized a big mistake I made. Rather embarrassing because the dishcloth I featured yesterday-- that's not how it's supposed to look. ha, ha! The mistake is all mine. I reduced the cast on, made a big boo-boo and my resulting dishcloth does not even look like what it's supposed to look. But I'm developing an attachment to my little error. Emily says it looks like a garden, with the furrows in between. Actually, to me, it looks like a caterpillar, but what do I know?

I don't want to correct it even if that small voice says so. I am so moving on. I have so many patterns I want to knit.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

midmonth feb09KAL back

midmonth feb09KAL back
Originally uploaded by SuanKnits
This is how the back looks like.

midmonthFEb09 KAL
Originally uploaded by SuanKnits
This is the latest Knit Along for Feb 09, mid month. Very textured. I made a smaller cloth by casting on 32 stitches. You have to be a member of the Yahoo group to get the pattern. Monthly Dishcloths

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Ahhh, these things fascinate me! They are simply dish scrubbies (scrubbers) in Japanese. So I designed one. After crocheting one in 5 minutes, I was aghast. Oh my! It's easy. And used up all my tiny bits of cotton yardage leftovers.

Note: This is a very rough draft and is currently being tested. However, if you guys want to try it, go for it. I love feedbacks!


the back (see the ridges? Perfect for scrubbing those dishes)

Oh MY!Tawashi ( crocheted scrubbie)
© Vicki Suan 2009

US size G crochet hook
a few yards of cotton yarn or acrylic


Ch – chain
Sc – single crochet
dc- double crochet
st- stitch
sp – space
Fpdc – front post dc
Fpsc- front post sc

Round 1: Ch 4. In 4th chain from hook, crochet 9 dcs. Join with a slip stitch to the top of ch 3. You now have a total of 10 dcs in the ring including the ch 3. From now on, every ch 3 counts as 1 dc.

Round 2: Ch 3. Fpdc around ch 3 below ( in round 1). * Dc in next dc. Fpdc around the same dc. (Do you see what you’re doing now? Round 1 has 10 dcs. You want to increase to 20 dcs in round 2. You are doing 1 dc and 1 Fpdc in each st to make this possible ). Rep from *. Join to the top of ch 3. (20 sts)

Round 3: Ch 3. In the next st, make 1 Dc and 1 fpdc (inc made) . * Dc in next dc; in the next st, make 1 dc and 1 fpdc (inc made in same st) **. Repeat from * to **. Join to top of ch 3. (30 sts)

Round 4: ch 1, sc in same sp; fpsc in same sp. * sc in next st, fpsc in same st; (60 scs). Join with a slip st to first sc.

Loop: Ch 20 and form a loop for hanging. Weave in ends.

This is a free pattern and must remain so. Can't be sold. If you want to share with a friend, point them to my blog. You may however sell items you make from this. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Turtle Tracks Cowl (knit) Free Pattern

This stitch is based on Barbara Walker's Track of the Turtle stitch pattern. Kathy Wesley of Creative Knitting Magazine (March 2005 issue) has a sock pattern called "Curvy Lace Socks". That pattern uses the same stitch. Permission has been obtained to adapt that stitch with this cowl.

Here goes:

(c) Vicki Suan 2009
2 skeins Lion Brand Cashmere
US size 8 circular needles (5 mm)

Cast on 90 (99 for looser fit). Join, making sure the stitches are not twisted.

K1 P1 rib for 1 1/2 inch . Or you can do seed stitch instead of rib .

Start pattern. This is a multiple of 9 stitches.

1st round : Knit all stitches

2nd round and all even rounds: * P2, K7. repeat from *

3rd round: * K3, YO, K2, SSK, K2. repeat from *

5th round: * K4, YO, K2, SSK, K1. repeat from *

7th round: * K5, YO, K2, SSK. rep from *

9th round: Knit all stitches

11th round: * K4, K2tog, K2, YO, K1. repeat from *

13th round: * K3, K2tog, K2, YO, K2. repeat from *

15th round: * K2, K2tog, K2, YO, K3. repeat from *

16th round: *P2, K7. repeat from *

Rep rounds 1-16 for as long as you prefer. With my 2 skeins of LB cashmere, I stopped when I had just enough to finish the border.

For final border, K1 P1 rib for another 1 1/2 inch. Or you can do seed stitch. Bind off loosely.

(c) This is a free pattern and is not meant to be sold. Please do not post this pattern on your website or blog. Better yet, just point them to my blog by including this link.

Note: I'm still trying to research how I can upload a pdf copy of this pattern on this blog. In the meantime, you can get it at Ravelry by clicking on this LINK.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Uncle Romy is slowly improving. He's not totally out of the woods yet but little bits of good news is welcome. Praise God! It is also a wonder that my friends from church who don't even know him and people who read my blog (thanks Eileen!), are praying for him. Thank you.

Keep on fighting, Uncle. We love you.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Tough Times

We are going through some rough times right now. My favorite uncle (yes, he's definitely my favorite) has cancer. We found out several months ago. He has developed some kind of lung infection and is currently in the hospital.

My Uncle Romy (shortened from Romeo) is my dad's younger brother. I believe he came here to the US in the 60's, joined the Navy (or is it Coast Guard?--my memory is bad). He petitioned for my dad so dad can come here. We waited 10 years for the petition to be approved and in 1982, my whole family (Dad, Mom, me and sis) came here as legal immigrants. Uncle Romy and his family supported us for a few months until we can support ourselves. They were (still are) the most generous bunch of people. I remember my cousins (all 3 boys), giving up their rooms and sleeping together in one cramped bedroom so we can use theirs.

He has always been vibrant and cheery and strong. It's very hard for me to see him in a hospital bed, under oxygen mask, IV's and all. And every time I visit, I want to make him laugh again, maybe forget for a minute what he's going through.

I have hope. And with God's help and blessing, he will pull through and fight another day. There are a lot of people praying for him and I would appreciate some of yours.

Until next time... I don't feel like knitting at all.